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Metabloxz project has accelerated it’s seed fundraising stage and is getting lots of attention from Metaverse, blockchain enthusiasts and tech investors. Halvings Capital is yet another valuable addition to Metabloxz investor base.

CEO and Co-founder of Metabloxz Jonny Youssef said, “We are really proud of the amount of attention we are getting from a wide range of VC’s and private investors. Seed investment round is being fulfilled very rapidly, as our investors see a long-term value in the project in combination with the fact we have a technical and timing advantage over other projects still in early development phases. We are also happy to see the high level of VC’s we have attracted and see a significant value add as we can tap into the wealth of knowledge of the onboarded investor community”

What is Metabloxz about?

Metabloxz is a scalable and flexible metaverse platform, which is also a true bridge between physical and digital worlds. This is achieved by using blockchain and tokenization technology to link physical world items to Metabloxz metaverse world. Also by integrating traditional businesses and services to provide seamless experience to the end user. The merge between physical and digital worlds have been accelerated due to COVID lockdowns across the Globe.

To achieve the decided vision the team is building Metabloxz metaverse world block by block, targeting the industries where it can solve real world problems.

What industries will benefit?

  • Art industry
  • Event & conference industry
  • Education industry
  • Retail & e-commerce
  • Cinemas & entertainment

What have we built so far?

The team behind Metabloxz recently announced they had reached the (MVP) minimum viable product stage of production. This means they have already created a working virtual space and social communication platform with built-in marketplace features in the pipeline, they’ll soon begin to host their first events and launch metaverse native online stores. At present, Metabloxz is able to recreate virtually any existing gallery, exhibition, conference hall, retail store or any other real estate.

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