IRI-mon is a command line tool for checking IRI’s status. It checks if it’s running, synced and if the your neighbors are active. It is written in the Crystal language and is compiled against LLVM, which means no extra dependencies are required.

iri-mon (example output)


You can install iri-mon by downloading the executable from the GitHub repository here.

Or you could install it with through the APT or YUM repository, which also allows you to get updates automatically. A guide on how to use this repository is available here.

After setting up you can install IRI-mon with the command apt-get install iri-mon on Debian based system. Or yum install iri-mon on Redhat based systems.

The last option is to compile the executable yourself by. The instructions and requirements can be found here.


IRI-mon has several commands build in. There is a help method with –help and you can specify the location of an IRI config file with -c /path/to/config/iri.ini.

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