Wordpress Crypto Exchange Plugin

A US venture capital fund announces the launch of a WordPress plugin, with which anyone can integrate their own Bitcoin exchange on the website.

Tim Drapers Venture Capital Fund Draper Goren Holm has introduced a WordPress plugin with which users can start their own crypto exchange. The so-called cryptocurrency exchange can therefore be installed on all WordPress-based websites with just a few clicks. This gives bloggers, content creators, media companies and journalists a new opportunity for content monetization.

WordPress accounts for 35 percent of the internet and is undeniably the easiest and most adaptable solution for anyone who runs a website. To date, nobody has made it so easy to combine crypto trading with WordPress,

Alon Goren, founder of Draper Goren Holm and author of the plugin, is quoted in the corresponding press release.

Technically, the plugin is based on the Totle API. It is a widget that can access various decentralized exchanges, so-called DEX. Between all DEX, including Kyber, Uniswap, EtherDelta and 0x Protocol, Totle searches for the best available exchange rates. WordPress users who install the plugin will benefit from fees. These can be determined flexibly according to the content of the press release.

Since Totle is a decentralized exchange, only crypto-crypto trading pairs can be exchanged – fiat onboarding is currently not yet possible.

Draper: Permalull with Bitcoin affinity

Decentralized, censorship-resistant crypto trading brings us one step closer to the dream of a truly limitless world
Tim Draper

Tim Draper, an early advocate of Bitcoin, is best known for his bullish price predictions. He sees the largest cryptocurrency by market cap at $ 250,000 by 2023. His bid to auction the Ross Ulbricht Bitcoin also caused a sensation. In 2014, Draper acquired 30,000 BTC, which the US Marshals Service auctioned off as part of the Silk Road breakup.

The Permabulle has repeatedly proven that Draper has a knack for venture capital. His investment history includes investments in Baidu, Hotmail, Tesla and Coinbase. It remains to be seen whether the recently launched WordPress plugin will also be a box office hit.

WordPress Crypto Exchange Plugin

Image by simplu27 from Pixabay

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