Pink Taxi

Pink Taxi is a transportation service company in which its cars are driven by women for women, being geared towards curbing sexual harassment faced by solo female travelers.

The cab service not only offers safe transportation services to female passengers, but it also serves as a platform for their female employees. The blockchain technology on which the platform is built will protect the interests of both its drivers and passengers by securing fair wages to its employees and a way of accessing data that is immutable.

The concept of Pink Taxi first surfaced in 2006, and since then it has attracted a lot of praises and interest worldwide. The proof that this idea is competent is its current availability in over 18 countries.

How Can Pink Taxi Help Women?

Pink Taxi is a project that has been developed primarily with the idea of empowering women.

Women becoming economically empowered implies that women will dispose of more power and control which they can exercise on their own lives. The apparent need for female empowered is clearly outlined by the disproportionate rate of advantages between men and women in economic, socio-cultural and political areas.

Women usually experience a lot of inconvenience and harassment while hailing a ride, especially in some countries. This exclusive taxi service was created for their comfort and safety. It is also a way to empower women by providing them the opportunities to make their own earnings. By having control of her earnings, she will be able to have some influence economically and socially, which would eventually lead to the creation of a more just environment, both in national and international circles.

By purchasing and investing Pink Taxi tokens through its Initial Coin Offering, women passengers and drivers will have the opportunity to further their empowerment and benefit from a fairer workplace.

The Pink Taxi Group

Pink Taxi Group is comprised of professionals with a great deal of experience in their respective areas that have a grander vision of how technology can help develop this project.

World-renowned security expert, Father of Privacy, God Father of Anti-Virus Software, Founder of McAfee Anti-Virus and also a 2016 Presidential Candidate and “Creator of Declaration of Currency Independence” – Sir John McAfee. He is advising and supporting this project as Head of Advisory Board. McAfee has been involved and developed many successful endeavors in the tech, crypto and security industries. He is a relentless promoter of the advantages of blockchain technology and continuously supports any movement towards a general adoption.

Taking into account his involvement in a long list of projects and endeavors, any endeavor that receives MacAfee’s direct backing will be guided towards great accomplishments.

The PTT Token

The Pink taxi platform employs an Ethereum-based token called PTT which is used to pay its drivers and enable for its passages other features of PINK TAXI. Token owners will benefit from the advantages provided by the blockchain platform which include security, transparency, and decentralization.

The service’s clients and drivers have loyalty programs where they receive tokens which can then be used for free rides or converted into other cryptocurrencies.

Through these tokens, women can interact with cryptocurrency in a facile manner with a tech area in which they have few representatives. These numbers can increase over time, as Pink Taxi can encourage and have an introductory role to the world of crypto trading and investments.

Pink Taxi aims to empower women both economically and socially by providing a convenient and safe mode of transportation that benefits both its drivers and passengers.

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