NASCAR driver Darrell “Bubba” Wallace will be sporting a bitcoin logo on his car and uniform during upcoming races. Twitter and Cash App founder, Jack Dorsey, tweeted a few pictures that revealed the new sponsorship, as he displayed the bitcoin symbol and Cash App logo design layout on the social media platform.

Bitcoiners will be excited to see the bitcoin logo on a world-famous NASCAR driver, as his car and racing uniform will display the notorious symbol for decentralized money. NASCAR driver Darrell “Bubba” Wallace will be the driver sponsored by Cash App according to a tweet from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. The social media platform CEO shared two tweets that displayed photos of the car and a picture of the uniform design layout.

The car and uniform will be green and white like the Cash App colors and the bitcoin symbol is shown on the rear end of the car. The driver uniform is also green and white as well and features the bitcoin symbol on the left pant leg of the racing suit. Wallace is a popular stock car racing driver as he competes full-time racing in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Popular NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Will Sport the Bitcoin Logo While Racing

The NASCAR driver is considered one of the most successful African American racers in the world of stock car racing. Dorsey’s tweet shows that the car manufactured by Chevrolet is numbered 43 and Bubba Wallace is known for driving the No. 43 Camaro ZL1 1LE.

The Cash App sponsorship of Bubba Wallace with the bitcoin symbol is not the first time cryptocurrencies have flirted with the NASCAR scene. Six years ago, the Dogecoin community raised 67 million doge (worth $55,000 in 2014) in order to sponsor a NASCAR driver Josh Wise at Talladega. The altcoin’s Shiba inu dog logo was displayed all over the Ford Fusion and the crypto community was quite pleased with the finished product.

Popular NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Will Sport the Bitcoin Logo While Racing
NASCAR’s virtual race held in April 2020 saw a car with the bitcoin logo finish first.

Furthermore, when the coronavirus outbreak hit the United States, NASCAR organized a virtual race and one of the cars was branded with the bitcoin logo. That specific bitcoin virtual car won the NASCAR online race tournament and 50 thousand spectators saw the bitcoin symbol emblazoned on the car hood.

Additionally, in 2014 bitcoiners helped sponsor the rookie NASCAR driver, Alex Bowman via a firm called BK Racing. The BK Racing stock car racing team explained that it aimed to “introduce technological innovation to NASCAR.” However, in 2018 the BK Racing team and all of its operations were liquidated.

Dorsey’s tweet in regards to Bubba Wallace and his car sporting the bitcoin logo was quite popular and received thousands of likes and retweets.

However, some people were not too pleased with the look of the bitcoin symbol, as it only features the letter “B” with one single line going through the center.

In response to Dorsey’s NASCAR announcement, one individual wrote: “Bro that’s the Thai baht you need to get your money back.” The Thai baht fiat currency does feature the letter “B” with one line as well and is often conflated with the bitcoin symbol.

What do you think about Bubba Wallace and his car sporting the bitcoin logo? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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