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Electroneum’s ICO (initial coin offering) took place in September last year. In those 14 months, the token has reached a price of $0.0079 which has created a lot of skepticism about the project. But the price shouldn’t matter all that much as long as the project still offers scalability. While it started as a Monero (XMR) fork, Electroneum has chosen a completely different path.

This UK-based digital asset has pros and cons of its own, in a moment in which the whole cryptosphere is losing value all the time. As with any other blockchain project, supporters like the good news, and skeptics question everything (sometimes even attack it), and they feel that the low price (or a drop) proves them right. But Electroneum could be attractive to investors and enthusiasts however low the price currently is –or because of it.

Electroneum is not going anywhere. It will stay around for long even if the market has failed so far to understand its value. And that is why it’s underpriced.

The project’s emphasis is clearly on micropayments and mobility as it’s shown by the platforms, apps, and tokens it offers. It aims to provide financial services to everybody in the world who owns a smartphone.

Services for the bankless

Electroneum’s strategy is predicated on the fact that lots of people all around the planet own a cell phone but do not have the resources, or the option, to have a bank account. That leaves them out of the global financial system, and they can’t get even the most basic financial services. The project is focusing on these people, which is a big fraction of the world’s population. Additionally, the project’s token (ETN) could be a safe haven against an upcoming financial crisis, just as any digital asset can be.

Payment system

Among the project’s features is a very innovative payment system created by the ETN team from scratch. It’s an important development and, it’s been tested successfully already. More than a thousand vendors are invited to adopt the API Instant Pay BETA.

It’s quick, it’s safe, it’s free to use. For those who need to use MoneyGram or Western Union to send money overseas, or even worse, bank wires, Electoneum’s platform could be a great alternative. This gives the payment app alone the great potential for mass adoption, starting in the UK, but spreading the world over. Moreover, it would give the token real-world usefulness so its market would be driven by real economic forces instead of pure speculation, as it’s currently the case with most cryptocurrencies.

It has an Anthem!

It was created by Nave Savage, an ETN community member. You think this is irrelevant? Think twice. This is the kind of thing that brings cohesion into a community of users, it helps to create identity and solidarity. So while an anthem is not going to increase the coin’s price, it speaks volumes about the kind of commitment you can find in this project.

Some final words

Electroneum is not in the spotlight in the way that Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin or many other cryptocurrencies usually are. But don’t be deceived. It has value and it’s going to take off sooner or later.

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