Ripple has partnered with Ghanaian fintech firm, Waya Money, to bring instant-cross border settlements to Africans.

The fintech platform has rolled out in three countries, allowing faster transaction times while providing remittance solutions to masses. Waya Money brands itself as a competitor of traditional financial systems, spearheaded by banks.

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To achieve its goal of challenging the status quo, Waya Money has partnered with Ripple.

There is very little detail on what the partnership will entail besides the general aim of ensuring faster payments. We expect more details to be released on the integration soon.

Currently, Waya operates in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya with plans to expand to South Africa, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Burkina Faso.

Waya Money was established in 2018 and has made strategic Blockchain partnerships with Ripple, Stellar, BitPesa, and Mojaloop. Africa still remains the most expensive region to send money to, and Waya hopes to change that.

In Ripple Gaining Grounds In Africa?

Ripple is popular globally but has seen little adoption compared to other altcoins like Etheruem and Dash. However, that seems to be improving. Luno, the biggest exchange in South Africa and Nigeria, with over 4 million users, recently added Ripple to its platform.

With many analysts predicting that Africa might be the next frontier of Blockchain adoption. It will be interesting to see how Ripple fares in this region.

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