Looking at the historical price movements of Siacoin (SC) and other market analyses and opinions, we will be issuing our own Siacoin price prediction for July 2020.

Siacoin Overview

Siacoin Icon of Flat style - Available in SVG, PNG, EPS, AI & Icon ...Siacoin (SC) is a blockchain platform that launched 5 years ago with the intent of providing an open-source, low-cost cloud storage solution. SIA/SC token is the native currency that enables several functions on the platform, such as end-to-end encryption and file sharing in a decentralized network.

Currently, Siacoin is changing hands at $0.003495 against the US dollar, with a rise of 4.89% in the last 24-hour period. It has a ranking of 61st on CoinMarketCap based on a market cap of $146,156,330 and a circulating supply of 41.817.047.634 SC. In the last 24 hours, $5,605,572 worth of Siacoin has been traded.

Siacoin Price Prediction: Analysis

Siacoin started June at an opening price of $0,002345, and in just three days, it rallied up to $0,002995, being close to testing the $0.003 resistance level. The sudden bull movement was followed by a pullback, bringing down the coin to $0,002638 during the same day. The coin recovered to $0,002815 towards the end of the day. For the next couple of days until June 9th, Siacoin started trading tightly between $0.0026 and $0.0027, but on June 10th, it surpassed the $0,003024, breaking a new resistance level.

SCUSDSource: fxstreet, June 16

The bull movement continued in the next week, as SC reached $0,004137 by June 17th. The coin only maintained itself around that level for another day, and then fell back to $0,0039.

The inability to pass the $0.004 resistance level triggered a bearish movement, which led SC to go below the $0.003 support level on June 25th. The coin consolidated for the next week, trading closely in the upper range of $0.0020 level.

Source: Benzinga June 24

On the first day of July, Siacoin managed to get back to $0,003152 and close the day above the new $0.003 resistance level. The next week, SC once again started a consolidation pattern, trading between $0.003 and $0.0031.

The Siacoin resistance, pivot, and support levels calculated by WalletInvestor are as follows:

  • Resistance Level (R3): 0.00320
  • Resistance Level (R2): 0.00311
  • Resistance Level (R1): 0.003052
  • Pivot Point: 0.00296
  • Support Level (S1): 0.00290
  • Support Level (S2): 0.00282
  • Support Level (S3): 0.00275


According to a blog post made by Coinbase on June 10, the US-based exchange is looking to extend its list of supported assets with 18 new cryptos, including Siacoin. The rest of the coins considered for addition are Aave (LEND), Aragon (ANT), Arweave (AR), Bancor (BNT), Compound Coin (COMP), DigiByte (DGB), Horizen (ZEN), Livepeer (LPT), NuCypher (NKMS), Numeraire (NMR), KEEP Network, Origin Protocol (OGN), Ren (REN), Render Network (RNDR), SKALE Network, Synthetix (SNX), and VeChain (VET). Coinbase will not be adding Siafunds (SF).

The post did not stipulate any date at which the coins will be listed, stating that it takes a “significant technical and compliance review” as well as regulatory approval to complete any listing process.

We will add new assets on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis, subject to applicable review and authorizations. Our customers can expect Coinbase to make future, similar announcements as we continue to explore the addition of numerous assets across the platform,” – stated the announcement.

Siacoin Price Prediction: Market Opinion for July 2020

Many crypto forecasting platforms have posted their own Siacoin price prediction for July 2020. We have included several of them to present a broader perspective of the market opinion for this coin (SC).


WalletInvestor issued a daily Siacoin price prediction for the next ten days of July, with their possible maximum and minimum values:

Date Price Min Price Max Price
2020-07-16  0.00337  0.00298  0.00380
2020-07-17  0.00322  0.00282  0.00362
2020-07-18  0.00323  0.00283  0.00364
2020-07-19  0.00316  0.00278  0.00356
2020-07-20  0.00311  0.00272  0.00352
2020-07-21  0.00320  0.00280  0.00361
2020-07-22  0.00331  0.00293  0.00369
2020-07-23  0.00328  0.00285  0.00371
2020-07-24  0.00313  0.00271  0.00355
2020-07-25  0.00313  0.00271  0.00352


Digitalcoinprice predicts that Siacoin will have a trading price of $0.00707891 in July, which represents an increase of 128.8%.


Tradingbeasts forecasted that Siacoin will have a closing price in July of $0.0035957.

The site believes that Siacoin will reach $0.00113 on July 27th, with a possible minimum of $0.00111 and a maximum of $0.00114, on the same day.


Coinpredictor predicted that, in one day, SC will be trading at $0.002007, with a decrease of -1.1%. In the next week, the site predicted that SC will gain 1.3%, which would bring the coin to a price of $0.002055. They expect that towards the end of the month, SC will be trading at $0.001065, with a loss of -47.5%.


Bitverzo expected that Siacoin will averagely trade at $0.000032 on July 31st, with a possible high of $0.007630 and a possible daily minimum of $-0.007230. They also issued price predictions for Siacoin for the rest of the days in July:

Date Avarge Low High
Wednesday, July 15, 2020 0.001106 -0.006166 0.008980
Thursday, July 16, 2020 0.001112 -0.006501 0.008559
Friday, July 17, 2020 0.001175 -0.006047 0.009422
Saturday, July 18, 2020 0.001336 -0.005581 0.009096
Sunday, July 19, 2020 0.001307 -0.005853 0.008978
Monday, July 20, 2020 0.001077 -0.006116 0.009137
Tuesday, July 21, 2020 0.000884 -0.006483 0.008811
Wednesday, July 22, 2020 0.000835 -0.007177 0.008300
Thursday, July 23, 2020 0.000788 -0.007347 0.008957
Friday, July 24, 2020 0.000793 -0.006286 0.009017
Saturday, July 25, 2020 0.000893 -0.007037 0.008521
Sunday, July 26, 2020 0.000802 -0.006976 0.008306
Monday, July 27, 2020 0.000512 -0.007228 0.008063
Tuesday, July 28, 2020 0.000261 -0.007736 0.008196
Wednesday, July 29, 2020 0.000159 -0.007264 0.007771
Thursday, July 30, 2020 0.000066 -0.006953 0.008646
Friday, July 31, 2020 0.000032 -0.007230 0.007630


Cryptoground forecasted that Siacoin (SC) will be trading at $0.0020 in the next 24-hour period, which is a change of -33.93%. The site also predicted that in the following 7 days, SC will lose -35.46% and trade around $0.0020, and it will close the month at the same price level.


Cryptorating projected that SC will trade at $0.003226 in the next 24 hours, signifying a change of 5.29%. In the next seven days, the site predicted that the coin will increase by 10.84% and reach $0.003396, while by the end of the month, the price will hit $0.003841, with a change of 25.36%.

Siacoin Price Prediction: Verdict

This has been our Siacoin price prediction for July 2020. From what we have noticed, it is expected that Siacoin will be trading anywhere between $0.002 and $0.004 in the upcoming month.

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