Solve.Care is Bringing Blockchain Healthcare to Arizona

The Arizona Care Network, a group of 5500 healthcare providers, has announced that the group will use a blockchain-based network in order to reduce administrative overload and improve the healthcare system in general.

The platform, which was developed by Solve.Care, will provide mobile wallets for physicians and patients alike. This app will facilitate medical payments, scheduling, and information handling.

Introducing Care.Wallets

The Care.Wallet for Physicians will streamline the administrative aspects of healthcare. The wallet will handle Care.Cards, which contain medical data and allow information to be synchronized on the blockchain.

The Physician wallet will also allow healthcare providers to receive payments in Care.Coins, which are pegged to the U.S. dollar. These tokens can be readily redeemed for fiat currency.

Meanwhile, the Care.Wallet for Patients will allow individuals to gather their medical and financial information, including insurance, benefits, and deductibles. Patients can also use the app to schedule appointments with physicians and other providers.

Other Blockchain Healthcare Platforms

Solve.Care is one of many recent healthcare initiatives that have been built on blockchain technology:

  • A hospital in Taiwan has created its own blockchain specifically for the purpose of handling medical data and improving patient referrals.
  • MetLife’s LumenLab is reportedly testing medical insurance handling on the blockchain.
  • ALLIVE has developed a multifaceted platform that can be used to share medical and financial data. It will also serve as a virtual physician for remote patients.

In addition to patient management, most of these platforms have an emphasis on handling medical information and financial information. Since the medical sector is a vital area and has patients with years of history, it is ripe with data for blockchain developers to make use of.

However, medical standards can vary between places. As such, these blockchain solutions often have very particular uses and clients. Solve.Care boasts several high-profile clients including Delta Airlines, Boeing, and the Department of Defense. Their addition of the Arizona Care Network, which serves over 180,000 patients, may be an important step toward further expansion.

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