Migros and TE-FOOD want to use the blockchain-based food traceability process to gain insights into the entire process.

Now the subject of Blockchain has also arrived at retail giant Migros. In a joint communication with TE-FOOD, the orange giant communicated: Migros implements TE-FOOD’s blockchain-based traceability system for the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain. TE-FOOD already handles 400,000 business transactions daily through its accessible food traceability solution from agriculture to the consumer home.

The big goal: To gain a deeper insight into supply chain in order to optimize the processes.

As in Medium-Post, it’s about more than just marketing. Because of these reasons, more and more food companies are already relying on traceability projects. The aim behind it: providing transparent food information to consumers. But there are other advantages as well, from a deeper insight into the food web to a faster product recall. The optimization of the supply chain will lead to a faster distribution and thus to a reduction in food waste, which is also part of the initiatives of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for the coming years.

Technically ready

Today, Migros’ fresh produce suppliers already have the option of transmitting traceability data from their legacy systems (ERP, Farm Management) to Migros via an API (EPCIS) based on GS1 standards. Now this data collection method has been extended to include mobile B2B apps, web apps and file upload capabilities using TE-FOOD. At the moment, this system is about internal use and benefits. Thus an opening towards the consumers is not in the project order.

This project is an interesting way to apply a tracking system based on Blockchain technology and is able to create significant added value for Migros and its supply chain partners.

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