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When you go to store to buy milk, you don‘t expect to pay $20 for a carton.  When you go to the pub, you do not expect to pay $50 for a beer.  So, why are you being ripped off in the crypto world?

Can anyone explain to me why I have to buy Bitcoin in order to buy my TRON [TRX]?  Having Bitcoin as the key crypto that we must all get on our knees and worship just does not add up nor make sense.  Bitcoin is subject to huge volatility, which in turn affects the pricing not only of the market, but of other tokens and coins ultimately survival.  This cannot be right… and is not sustainable.

If the crypto market is to be a fair one that is open to all to invest in, then things have to change.  I have written here before that it is ridiculous and quite frankly absurd that we have to buy Bitcoin on the likes of Coinbase at huge fees, then transfer it to Binance and others simply to get our hands on some of our favorite coins.

It actually makes the crypto market look greedy and out of date in its processes.  The whole point of crypto was that it was to be more frictionless than existing stock markets and brokers.  But, for some reason, the fintech that crypto innovates on, is not actually that innovative at all when applied to its own operations.

If this market is to become more mainstream and accessible, not to mention less cost prohibitive, then we need to change it from within.  It is simple is it not?  You should be able to take your credit card and buy the likes of TRON or RIPPLE directly without having to go through the rigmarole of buying Bitcoin. This is what the crypto community want and what new entrants will need if we are to create a stable and open investment proposition.

It is time for change and time for us all to put pressure on the market to change and be more customer focussed.

Only you can bring about this change…

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