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Over the past few months, there have been lots of debates by the Ripple Community on whether all three products of Ripple (XRP) use XRP, the coin. The products include xVia, xCurrent, and xRapid. Well, it is only logical to get at least one product out of the way and confirm that xRapid does indeed use XRP. This is after there was news of the release of pilot results of money remittances across the borders of the United States and Mexico using the same payment solution.

The results revealed that xRapid eliminates all delays in international payments and also reduces the transaction costs. By using XRP as an intermediary source of liquidity through the XRP ledger, that part of the transaction only takes 2 – 3 seconds as is expected of Ripple technologies. When you add the additional time taken to convert XRP through digital asset exchanges and local payment processes, the transaction only takes an additional 1 minute 58 seconds; bringing the total to 2 minutes.

This is revolutionary in the sense that it reduces a 2 to 3 day transaction to mere 2 minutes and also reduces the cost of the transaction by up to 40 – 70% as reported in the announcement. The financial institutions accomplish this by getting rid of the middlemen who charge exorbitant Forex exchange fees and give unfavorable rates.

With respect to xVia on whether or not it uses XRP, there is a discussion on that claims that it does. One explanation is that since it is compatible with the XRP ledger, the end user can determine to use XRP on the API based payment solution known as xVia. XRP is used as an intermediary asset and pool of instant liquidity to make the payment cheaper and faster as can be seen in the trials of xRapid earlier mentioned.

In a nutshell, xRapid and xVia do in fact use XRP as a source of instant liquidity and a way to cheapen and quicken the fiat transaction.

Now the biggest question is if the XRP used in both payment solutions comes from the circulating supply or the one in escrow that is released every month. 1 Billion XRP per month is known to be released from escrow. The unused XRP after the monthly release is usually locked back up into the same Escrow. Perhaps the team at Ripple can answer this question.

With respect to the current market performance of XRP, the markets are in the RED. XRP is down 12% and currently trading at $0.71 at the moment of writing this. This is due to the market losing close to $40 Billion in terms of total market capitalization. Bitcoin is also not doing to0 well with the current value of $8,767 and down 6.22%. Perhaps next week will be a better one for the crypto-verse. Keep HODLing!

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