Not so long ago, we saw IOTA skyrocket somewhat with the announcement of Qubic (Q), a brand-new concept and a part of the growing IOTA ecosystem.

Other than an unnerving video, we didn’t receive an awful lot of information about Q, other than the fact more details would be released on the 3rd of June 2018.

We are now just 4 days from that date, with speculation rising, people are starting to get very excited about it.

At the time of writing, IOTA is valued at $1.52, up 7.40%. We should consider that IOTA has been subject to an overall market decline, a decline that has seen the majority of currencies crash downwards. Therefore, perhaps the value of IOTA isn’t quite as high as it should be, given the anticipation for this.

What will happen next?

Really, this depends on the nature of Q and what IOTA have in store for Q. We don’t want to speculate on rumours so can’t really inform you of the potential announcements that may follow Q, instead, we expect to see an organic trend follow the Q announcement, assuming the announcement is a good thing (which we are confident it will be).

What ever happens though, we expect it to have an impact on IOTA. If it’s good news, the impact will be positive, and IOTA could skyrocket once more, if it’s bad news, IOTA may not react very well at all, although the latter does indeed seem unlikely.

What’s more, we should consider the future o0f the markets and how they may affect IOTA in light of the Q announcement. With many expecting the markets to tail off soon, we could see a bull run take over as we enter June. Pair this up with a positive announcement in Q, the potential for IOTA to see gains then becomes amplified, massively.

One thing is certain, IOTA is in a good position and things are starting to look promising. TRON managed to steal the limelight from IOTA briefly, now though, we expect to see IOTA take that right back. Stay tuned.

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