The IOTA Foundation is proud to announce the beta release of the Trinity Mobile wallet app.

Trinity is the new user-friendly wallet from the IOTA Foundation. A wallet born of the community, earnestly championed by the community, and finally taken under the Foundation’s wing. We hope you all share our excitement for this release!

Over the last few months the Trinity development team has been working diligently, in close collaboration with community members. Long days and nights, building, testing, getting feedback and iterating. There were passionate discussions within the team and the community over every detail of the wallet, and many evenings spent justifying our obsession to our loved ones. This has been an amazing process to take part in, and to witness.

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Initially a purely community-driven project, Trinity was adopted by the IOTA Foundation in order to provide assurance to the wider community that the wallet is safe to use, and as free from the threat of user error as possible. We have subsequently subjected Trinity to 2 external reviews, a threat modelling exercise and a security audit, to ensure maximum security for our users. Any threats or bugs that were identified during these two external reviews have been investigated, and mitigated or patched where required. Both reports are now available to the public on our website.

We thank the community for their patience during this process. We are confident that you will feel it was well-worth the wait. The mobile beta is now live (desktop to follow shortly). Head over to (going live in due time) and have a look.



The Trinity website

Here you will find all the information you need: download links, a printable paper wallet, docs, audit reports, a help centre for support, and more.

This truly has been a community effort with many contributors, and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the extended team who contributed to this release and website.

Main Trinity team:
Charlie Varley, Rihards Gravis, Umair Sarfraz, Rajiv Shah, Andrew Brough, Martin Myhrman, Luca Moser, Michel Machado, eukaryote, Navin Ramachandran.

Notable contributions:
Lewis Freiberg, Chris Dukakis, Andreas Osowski, Alon Elmaliah, Giorgio Mandolfo, Edward Greve, Andrew Greve, Bas van Sambeek, Manuel Bieh, Alex Lehnert, Paul John, Louise Bernstrom, Marcus Jang, Vincent Taverna, cyclux and Rik Olivier.

Finally we must give special mention to the community alpha testers (over 400 users), who have helped to us iron out numerous bugs and improve usability, and the community translators, who have enabled us to support 35 languages (at the time of writing).
This is an an ongoing process and we thank you for your tireless efforts.

The whole team at The IOTA Foundation once again thanks the community for their patience! And we hope you enjoy using Trinity.

Please join us on the #trinity channel of the IOTA Discord to discuss the wallet and interact with the community. Trinity is a constantly evolving product which will undergo further changes during beta testing.

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