The Tor Network promises its users anonymity and privacy. However, the fact that you can not weigh yourself completely when using the Onion browser proves the following hack.

A malware-infected fake version of Tor’s browser has been exploited by hackers for over three years, to extract user data from Bitcoiners and steal their Bitcoin (BTC).

The Tor Browser works much like a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to surf anonymously, increasing the privacy and privacy of its users.

The hackers have stolen since 2017 regularly smaller Bitcoin (BTC) amounts – mostly from victims who wanted to pay on Darknet sites with the digital currency. IT security firm ESET discovered the fake, revealing that hackers had stolen a total of just 4.8 Bitcoin (BTC) so far.

Anton Cherepanov, senior security analyst, says:

“This malware allows criminals to view the websites visited by the victim. In theory, they can look at the contents of the pages visited, steal the data, and submit fake push notifications. “

For more than three years, the malware has been able to go about unnoticed – especially in the Russian-speaking world.

Visitors who visited the fake website linked to the browser were led to believe that their Tor version was out of date and required reinstalling. This new version was then infected with the Trojan described above.

You can find the real download link to the Tor Browser here.

image by Shutterstock

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