Touting the first blockchain-biometric technology that can secure and authorize a fully decentralized identity, the Uniris ID solution is taking on a colossal role in the area of identity and security.

As a young startup that began in 2017, Uniris is founded by cyber-security and finance specialists. It has managed to chalk up 12 international patents, gaining academic cult status in this area of technology research.

The blockchain-biometric ID solution is currently a favorite among researchers from CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, French National Centre for Scientific Research), MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Ecole Polytechnique.

So exactly what is the Uniris solution about and why is it gaining so much interest in top academic circles?

Be the Boss of your own Personal Data with a Simple & Safe Solution

Uniris aims to remove both the complexity and insecurity with which this area of scientific research has been associated.

Deploying biometrics, the Uniris solution scans the complex venous network of the finger. Any authorized device will do as there is no need for a personal device for authentication.

Unique ‘individual keys’ are generated on the fly securely. After deciphering the decentralized keychain, the keys are not stored but deleted, ushering in a new age of biometric authentication without risk of disclosure.

The self-sovereign solution ensures that personal data remains in full ownership of the user. Hence, the Uniris solution is inherently GDPR-compliant, with the Uniris blockchain providing native biometric authentication.The user has complete control over their identity and can add/remove/delete suppliers or selectively share data with suppliers at will.

A Faster, Smarter, Scalable and more Sustainable Blockchain

Deploying smart contracts on the Uniris blockchain is what makes it possible to store, share and manage all the different digital identities. Uniris smart contracts are also natively triggerable, upgradable and adaptable with internal oracles.

Automated to provide fully transparent interactions, Uniris’s advanced solution manages decentralized identity interaction with interfaces like Google, websites, P2P marketplaces and IoT systems etc.

By providing super-fast transactions, up to a million validations per second, this scalable and adaptable blockchain is able to handle the scale required for global major league events.

Its low energy consumption – each Uniris transaction only requires 0.42w of energy, which is about 0.1g of sugar – also ensures that it provides a sustainable and frictionless solution.

The Uniris Coin (UCO) is Programmed to Benefit Investors and Contributors

Designed for large-scale use and eventual mass adoption, the UCO economic model deploys automated currency destruction that favors early investors. Through a programmed burn mechanism which creates deflation, the UCO reduces its supply and thereby creates value for the token over time.

Unsold UCOs will also be locked in by smart contracts over 3- to 5- year periods to restrict its circulating supply.

The tokenomics model allocates 23.6% of its tokens towards ‘Achievements’ which will only be distributed to developers and contributors as the respective technology features promised are available on the network.

All these moves guarantee a gradual and controlled distribution of the token supply and hence a good market value of UCO

For more information about the Uniris project please visit their official website.

You can also join the UNIRIS Telegram group to receive the latest updates.

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