Pretoria, South Africa – Zabercoin is an innovative and stable real estate utility token providing a new dimension to real estate by utilizing decentralized blockchain technology to transform real estate located in emerging markets into a global cryptocurrency market environment.

Opportunities in Emerging Markets

There are dozens of countries around the world that are considered “third world.” That name has a such a negative connotation too it, and when people think “third world” very rarely are they thinking about how to profit. These countries have so much room to grow, and as technology in these areas advances that growth will only accelerate. There is a stunning 1/373 ratio of office buildings in sub-Saharan Africa verse the number of office buildings in the United States, while the population of the region is 2.5 times that of the USA. It’s obvious that expansion is coming.

Buying real estate in other countries is a daunting task, as normally you’d need to be physically present and know real estate agents in the area. With Zabercoin, people all over the world would have the opportunity to invest.

A Commodity Backed Asset

Zabercoin is a cryptocurrency backed by the real-life asset of real estate. It’s an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum network. The token itself, Zabercoin (ZAB), represents shares of property controlled by the team behind the token. This token, unlike many currently on the market, has real-world intrinsic value right from the start. The team plans on purchasing up and coming property in South Africa, giving the coin value. With Zabercoin, you can take advantage of money making opportunities that you’d normally not be able to participate in.

Seeing how it is a cryptocurrency, the transfer of tokens, and in turn land, will all be recorded on blockchain for the first time ever. This will allow for completely transparent and auditable real estate transfer system. The platform will allow for complete and accurate records of each piece of property for potential buyers. These records will contain everything from inspections to chain-of-ownership. From here, the team plans on utilizing the token to expand into rental properties, hotel rooms, and other means of accommodation for people everywhere.

Zabercoin ICO

Anyone can currently get in on the ground floor of the project by participating in Zabercoin’s ICO, which just so happens to be on-going. The ICO began at the beginning of December, with investors still able to purchase tokens all the way to January 16th. After the public ICO, the token will be listed on several popular exchanges, with HitBTC already signing on. You can read more about the ICO on Zabercoin’s website here.

How will Zabercoin affect the economies in the developing countries where they will be purchasing property? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Zabercoin

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