The key thing you need to know about RocketBit is that it is a fast-growing platform for online cryptocurrency exchange with the modest fees, strict security standards, convenient interface, and a fast-paced service that allows you to purchase cryptocurrency in a most convenient way and to keep and manage it in your Bitcoin Wallet. For the time being, RocketBit works only with European Union members but intends to expand its boundaries. Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted, so buying cryptocurrency becomes as easy as your ordinary online takeouts. A wire transfer option is also available.

Unlike their competitors, the registration and verification in the system won’t take more than a few minutes. The following process – verification of your personal account – is easy, fast, and supposed to help their clients to gain access to the services of the platform as quickly as possible.

The very special part of the service they offer is their team, which is in 24/5 mode, eager to support their clients and be highly responsive to a whole range of possible questions. The professional staff is careful and attentive to every client regardless of whether they are a crypto-newcomer or an advanced user. RocketBit will definitely become your trusted guide to the world of cryptocurrency.

Funds safety, no doubt, is of vital importance for every player in the crypto-market. In RocketBit user funds are secured offline in cold storage. Users’ personal information – i.e. PINs, passwords, and private keys are under no circumstances may be exposed to the company’s employees or to any other third party. As for the security infrastructure, it is designed by upscale professionals in line with the highest security standards.

The simplicity of the interface makes the service widely accessible not exclusively to technologically – proficient users, but also for those who may lack knowledge regarding the digital assets. They are not remaining static, and are constantly progressing to meet the diverse needs of their clients, both experienced and newcomers.

The major goal of our company is to provide people with a special opportunity to afford more by earning more with cryptocurrency. To that end, they are carrying out a wide campaign on social media, seeking to deliver knowledge regarding recent cryptocurrency and stock market trends.

As determined, their prime mission is to bridge the gap between you and your unrealized financial potential, which could now be reached with a sky-rocketing speed, thanks to RocketBit!

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