ApplePay Ripple

Apple – one of the largest corporations in the world, whose solutions and products greatly affect the commercial market. Such technological giants have long been following the world of crypto-currency and Blockchain technologies.

Judging by the latest news, the company from Cupertino submitted a Payment Request API for its ApplePay, which, according to information, will use Interledger Ripple in Safari.

Ripple is one of the most powerful digital currencies on the market. At the moment, it is in third place in total capitalization, behind only Ethereum and Bitcoin. Some banks and financial institutions are already testing Ripple technology in order to provide their customers with services at a higher level.

Interledger Ripple can better process payments, as it has no problems with already established money transfer systems. The long-term plan associated with Interledger is to create a global network that will be able to combine crypto-currencies.

But despite the compatibility of this protocol with the crypto currency, there are no reports that Apple will give its users the opportunity to make transactions using XRP or any other digital currency.

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