Audi Blockchain

The Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer Audi is currently examining how the blockchain can be integrated into the Group’s distribution processes.

Audi is currently working on a proof of concept (POC) on how the blockchain can be used to map and document international logistics processes. Audi has been working on the technology since last year. The first experiences with it must have been very positive, because the management has decided to develop the concept further.

At the moment, Audi wants to represent only a specific distribution process with Blockchain technology. If the concept continues to be successful, then an extension of the project is conceivable.

According to the company, the blockchain has the potential: “to change the different ways of working of an industrial enterprise and to open up new possibilities”.

The use of the blockchain in logistics has the advantage that everyone can track which stations have gone through individual parts. From the production to the final assembly, each banner will have its own parts. As a result of the fact that the data was written unmanipulatable in the blockchain, the origin of individual parts can no longer be changed / counterfeited in hindsight. Blockchain is therefore also a good tool for reducing product piracy in the long term.

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