Bitcoin Press Release: BHPA, Inc. announced on January 8, 2020 that it has signed a strategic framework cooperation agreement with RRMine. They will enhance the exploration in synergizing the strategic resources to drive globalization towards a more open, inclusive, balanced and mutually beneficial development.

8th January 2020 Chengdu, China- Hash power is the driving force of future digital economy. BHPA, Inc. and RRMine  firmly believe in the bright future of the hash power market, thinking that temporary fluctuations will not affect its long-term value.

Since BHPA, Inc. and RRMine launched in-depth cooperation in hash power supplying in July 2019, the two parties have achieved remarkable results.

The strategic partnership of BHPA, Inc. and RRMine will create more business opportunities, promote new research and development, and optimize energy utilization, which is of great benefit to the whole hash power ecosystem.

In the future, BHPA and RRMine will work together to build the global hash power infrastructure platform to facilitate the global free flow of hash power and jointly promote the development of the hash power industry.

About BHPA, Inc.

BHPA, Inc. (OTC: BHPA) is leveraging its strong cloud hash power and big data processing capabilities toward the creation of a reliable and convenient cloud hash power service platform. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, BHP Advance Inc., which acts as the technology and service operator, provides a cryptocurrency mining SaaS platform powered by a reliable and secure blockchain algorithm, along with market-leading data processing capabilities and other online services. BHP Advance has a well-established global partnership network with large-scale cryptocurrency mining farms. The Company is dedicated to providing a cloud mining solution capable of breaking new barriers in the cryptocurrency mining space, allowing crypto mining firms and enthusiasts to transcend the defining limitations of time, power, and technology horizon.

About RRMine

RRMine is a global hash power asset management and trading platform owned by SuperB Grace Limited, Hong Kong. RRMine focuses on providing transparent online services of hash power management, hash power delivery, hash power transaction, etc.

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