Bitcoin Press Release: Malta’s Bitcoin Club announce details of their online conference beginning December 21st 2019, to bridge the gap between “Bitcoin Twitter” and the outer world. The conference will see more than 30 speakers including Stephan Livera, Tone Vays, Giacomo Zucco and many more, with tickets as low as €9.99.

5th December, Victoria, Malta: Bitcoin is all about knowledge. Many people think they know everything but they actually have very little understanding. Bitcoin Future 2020 will change this and catch peoples interest at the heart. Bitcoin is not about getting rich quick, but a very beautiful new approach to money that can help millions of people around the world to have more chances to prosper and build personal wealth.

The goal of the conference is dedicated to provide a high level of education without the restrictions of high cost. Often, conferences with world leading experts are unaffordable for many people so Bitcoin Future 2020 decided to use the internet to lower the entry barrier. This way participants can save on travel costs and accomodation for speakers and attendees, and use the proceeds to have even higher level experts on the lineup, whilst heavily reducing the ticket price.

“It might make sense just to get some [Bitcoin] in case it catches on. If enough people think the same way, that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.”Satoshi Nakamoti

Many experts expect the price to surge with the block reward halving in May 2020 and see the price shoot up to new all-time-highs. But right now the sentiment is low because Bitcoin doesn’t seem to be able to pull out of the bearish trend. One of the reasons for this could be the great discrepancy between the progress of Bitcoin on a technological level and the education and level of understanding of everyday people and business leaders alike.

Bitcoin is currently on an its most advanced technological level, and much-needed second layer scaling solutions are being rapidly adopted, one exchange at the time. But not many people are aware of those developments as they have written Bitcoin off completely. Furthermore, many have been dissapointed, lost interest or even have a negative opinion about Bitcoin due to uncertain regulatory environment, price volatility and misconceptions.

Similar to the time before and after the 2017 boom, people were hesitant to buy when price was low, as they had little understanding of the technology. Then, based on emotional factors, they bought when the price was on its way to the dizzying heights seen at the end of the year. Many could not sell at the peak and now feel the pain of the price crash. However, regardless of price and regulatory elements, Bitcoin continues its march as a new asset class that has the potential to outperform other asset classes and currencies.

“We aim to simply provide honest and unbiased information on how experts see Bitcoin in 2020. Experts who really understand the technology and have been working on it for many years. I expect we will blow minds of hundreds of attendees because purely looking at the lineup, I can’t believe myself how many amazing speakers we managed to bring on. It’s literally years of knowledge from some of the best bitcoin experts on the lineup” Said Leon Siegmund, Founder of the Bitcoin Club Malta

Leon Continued: “I am really excited for all the insights, the discussions and the workshop sessions that we will get. I love it when a lot of people can learn from each other and a conference creates this sort of momentum that really makes you feel the energy generated. I think it’s a must attend for anyone who is just slightly interested in the space.” 

The Bitcoin Future 2020 conference looks set to be one of the most informative and easily accessible conferences this year. The Malta Bitcoin Club are also offering logo sponsor opportunities, VIP tickets, and a very special “Bitcoin Billionaire” experience, with first-class flights, 5* hotel experience, private Tesla chauffer, spas, restaurants, and access to the Bitcoin Club Malta’s full range of connections for networking and leverage.

Are you ready to join the future of Bitcoin? Get your tickets now for as low as €9.99 for a limited time!
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