Bitcoin for free? What sounds like a cheap publicity stunt actually seems to be correct. In fact, the “bitcoin challenge” has surfaced on the internet. A mosaic of numbers, lines, an address, a message and a signature hide over 310 BTC. Two out of four prizes have already been awarded.

It’s a rarity that Bitcoin is in vain – at least in a morally acceptable way. While attacks on exchanges are not uncommon. Examples such as Phishing attacks on Binance, the recent hack of the Japanese stock exchange Zaif or the legendary case in which Mt.Gox lost over 100,000 BTC, are now crypto history.

But that someone gives away Bitcoin voluntarily is rare. Now someone has hidden the keys to a total of 310 BTC in a picture.

What do we know about the person giving away Bitcoin?

By his own account, the person has been there since the early days and started mining early. The stranger runs the challenge anonymously, but you can call him Pip (which suggests that he is a male).

Asked why Pip wanted to remain anonymous, he answers:

“While most of my friends and family know about my Bitcoin wealth, I do not want the whole universe to know. I would not feel safe at home anymore. “

Even when asked why he would not donate his Bitcoin, Pip gives an answer on the homepage:

“As an early adopter my Bitcoin soon became a treasure chest. I’m not going to tell you any numbers, but let’s say I’ve reached a point where money does not matter anymore. I also got a lot of Airdrops and enjoy making other people happy. About a year later, this bitcoin challenge was born. Many, almost all of the 310 BTC come from Airdrops. I do not want to give the money to the welfare (I have my own reasons, do not ask why). But whoever cracks the code can do whatever he wants with it-donate to the welfare. “

Besides the grand prize of 310 BTC, there are 0.1 BTC, 0.2 BTC and 0.31 BTC to be won. Two of the four prizes have already been awarded.

Here is the Challenge to win 310 BTC

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