Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain powered WordCoin announces the launch of its Word Expert freelance decentralized platform. Crowdsale to begin from September 27, 2017.

September 5, 2017, Moscow, Russia – Global world changes, occurring due to blockchain technologies, are irreversible. Decentralization with the use of smart contracts allows to reformat the whole economic sectors, making them more secure, effective, faster and transparent.

Because of blockchain it will be available to put away half of the players in the market with unwanted agent fees, making many services 60% cheaper, and save a lot of time.

Based on its experience WordCoin team clearly realize that competitive advantages are received only by the companies, where most of the tasks are effectively outsourced, staff and rental areas are reduced, time and cash costs are decreased.

Currently, the total freelance market volume reaches $1 trn. Having combined the most popular services in the frames of one decentralized platform Word Expert (WE) with the sole cryptocurrency WORDCOIN we will get a multiplier effect, which will provide the explosive growth of freelance services usage, platform users amount and WORDCOIN rate, limited in offer.

The Russian blockchain startup, WordCoin has announced the launch of its landmark project Word Expert (WE), and its upcoming ICO campaign. Word Expert will be first decentralized blockchain freelance platform and will deliver a selection of widely popular and interconnected online services related to language translation, copywriting and website access.

The ICO will offer participants the opportunity to purchase the platform’s native WORDCOIN cryptocurrency at the starting price.

Pavel Burtsev, acting as a founder of this platform, finds this idea inspiring and believes that,

“In the fast-changing world, we clearly see that in the near future most of the services will be provided at the decentralized platforms, powered by blockchains and taking out most of the agent’s fees. This will enable to make the market relations more simple, cheaper, faster and more secured. It’s useless to try and prevent these processes from rolling out. Conversely, businesses need to ride this wave and promote a wider expansion of such platforms. We are on the verge of the new era, and it’s great that we can make a difference in this world and be the first-adopters of these solutions. Many of us are disappointed that we are late to buy BTC for $1, so WORDCOIN can be your time machine to get back to 2010”.

The raised funds will be used to set up a new international freelance platform Word Expert (WE), powered by blockchain-based transactions and supported by the WORDCOIN. The Pre-ICO will run from September 27, 2017, to October 04, 2017. ICO will run from October 10, 2017, to November 07, 2017. Once fully operational, the Word Expert platform will offer users a number of widely used interconnected online services including:

• copywriting
• translation into any languages, including proofreading by native speakers;
• SMM – placement of posts in social media with active SEO backlinks (posting);
• ORM – temporary provision of access to web pages on popular websites, which can be used to publish and subsequently update the content.
• Users will be able to order the materials on any topics from the copywriters with high ratings and insights into particular fields with no need to engage third-party agencies.
• Users can easily promote their brand online in as less as 30 minutes.
• Users will be able to control the rented web pages on high-traffic sites from around the world,
• Users can order the content and its translation into different languages,
• Users can optimize search to show the web pages that are leased or controlled by them, conveying potential buyers the relevant information the user wants to communicate.

One of the project leaders Dmitry Kotov offers his thoughts on the potential of the platform in the current market, stating,

“These services are in high demand and when provided at the comprehensive one-stop platform are expected to deliver a multiplicative effect, as the team has seen in their careers. Today, this market’s capitalization is estimated at 1 trn USD. The decentralization that WE delivers will help cuts costs and decrease pricing due to the absence of the agent’s fees. The WE platform will surely appeal to many users, as the contractors will earn more, while the customers will pay less for the most demanded services online.”

The company has a robust strategy to grow the exchange rates of WORDCOIN, Following the WE establishment, the platform will aim to attract many users from around the world. Due to the absence of agency fees, contractors will earn more and customers pay less. Users will learn about WE, thanks to a large-scale, robust PR campaign and they will be incentivized to register and carry out initial transactions using WORDCOIN rewards.

In order to raise funds required to set up WE, the platform is holding a token presale, followed by an ICO. WordCoin will be allocating 70% of the total tokens to the upcoming crowdsale. With a limited supply of WORDCOIN tokens, its value is bound to grow proportionally with the increasing number of users on the platform.


WORDCOIN tokens have a maximum cap of 10 million coins, and these coins will be the only currency accepted on the platform. The growth in value of coins with an increase in the number of users is predicted to show correlation with Ethereum’s growth rate following the ICO.

Pre-ICO of WORDCOIN is scheduled to happen between September 27 and October 04, 2017. Those participating in the presale stand a chance to earn 3% in under a month from the overall amount of funds raised during the crowdsale.

The investors, who enter during the first day of PREICO, will get bonuses, which will be tallied based on the PREICO results and can reach up to 24% to invested amount
The coin’s value will always be backed up by real services, at market-determined value. For 100 WORDCOINs, the user will be able to obtain a permanent link to a webpage with commenting function enabled on any of the thirty well-promoted websites that are set up in addition to WE. The yearly value from renting such a webpage is no less than $1,000, which means that WORDCOIN will never go lower than this amount.

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