In a move that is expected to successfully merge Artificial Intelligence with blockchain technology for the benefit of the healthcare industry, blockchain-based healthcare platform — Solve.Care, has partnered with Cyber-Physical Chain (CPChain) a builder of IoT infrastructure.

Bringing IoT Capabilities to Healthcare

Their partnership will bring IoT capabilities to healthcare. As a result, data from wearable and non-wearable medical devices with administrative, medical, and other system data will be processed and transferred using blockchain.

Solve.Care hopes to improved healthcare result for patients as well as reduce the cost of healthcare. The partnership is also expected to lead to a more method of delivering healthcare for patients in remote regions of the world.

CPChain’s core distributed fabric with real use-cases, clients, and users, both in the US and around the world will be used by Solve.Care to facilitate this program.

Pradeep Goel, CEO and Founder of Solve.Care made it known in an accompanying press release that:

“We have always believed in empowering the patient and provider to interact with each other and coordinate care much more effectively. We are working hard to improve this relationship. The Solve.Care platform can deliver optimal outcomes, lower costs, and improve process efficiency. We are enriching our platform with more capabilities, such as non-emergency medical transportation and pharmaceutical care. Our partnership with CPChain will see us adding the ability to incorporate consumer, wearable, and other medical device data into our platform. The opportunities are enormous.”

– Pradeep Goel, CEO and Founder of Solve.Care

Reportedly, Dr. Long Chengnian, CEO of CPChain also gave his thoughts regarding the new partnership.
Long stated that:

“CPChain’s distributed infrastructure will provide a full process solution for data acquisition, storage, sharing, and transacting for large scale distributed IoT systems in a variety of industries, including in healthcare. We are excited to be working alongside Solve.Care, who is making healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone, while empowering the consumer to effectively manage their healthcare decisions.”

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