Bitcoin Press Release: The Totle Portfolio Tournament is an exciting competition run on the Totle platform, where entrants will design their own portfolio, carefully choosing the best crypto assets they believe will give them the highest percentage returns. Entrants, over 30 days, will compete for a $10,000 pool of prizes, starting the 31st October 2017.

October 31, 2017, Birmingham, United States – The winter is heating up, with portfolio management platform innovator, Totle, hosting their portfolio tournament for the investor who wants to diversify and simplify their investment across a wide variety of crypto assets. The tournament will take place directly on the Totle platform, giving entrants a preview of how simple and user friendly Totle is to use. The winner of the competition is chosen based on the best performing portfolio, with daily and weekly winners throughout. Registration for Round 1 of the tournament commences October 31, 2017 and runs for a week until November 5, 2017.

The competition is aimed at driving the Totle platform forward ahead of its’ public Alpha release in January 2018, and will be the first large-scale public test of the platform, providing developers with valuable insights. Tradable on the early-alpha version in 2018 will be test network ERC20 tokens.  For the duration of the competition, participants will trade in almost all crypto assets, as will be the case at the time of full public release later in 2018.

Totle Platform Information

Totle not only provides a one-stop solution to holding crypto asset portfolios, but goes a far way to solving a number of other problems. Liquidity is addressed, with the result of guaranteeing order fulfilment and the ability to repatriate currencies at the leisure of the end-user. Further, security is addressed as Totle only integrates with decentralized exchanges.

Likewise, the Blockchain allows for other synergistic improvements in resource allocation. Price comparisons are instant and utterly transparent to get the best price for the end-user and minimize transfer costs from exchanges. Users also have direct and full control over their crypto assets by retaining possession of their private keys when utilizing Totle. Finally, users of Totle don’t need in-depth technical knowledge of the marketplace, or how to handle multiple exchanges and wallets. Time and time again, the first hurdle to overcoming and developing mainstream acceptance of new technology is to improve ease of use for the end-user.

Totle’s co-founder and CEO, David Bleznak, is a crypto investor and entrepreneur who found the existing complicated investment process frustrating. He became determined to simplify things by creating a crypto asset portfolio tool where the investor’s experience and needs were placed first.

“Investing in crypto assets can be financially rewarding and has been for me personally.  However, administrating these assets is extremely difficult and cumbersome.  The burden is on the investor to learn complicated exchange interfaces and understand private key management.  This new asset class has a steep learning curve and Totle’s aim is to alleviate this as a barrier to entering the world of crypto investing by making the process fun, simple and familiar.”

– David Bleznak,
Co-Founder and CEO of Totle

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Contact Name: David Bleznak
Contact Email: [email protected]
Location: Birmingham, United States

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