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With the crypto market being constantly bearish throughout this year, a lot of investors are having second thoughts about buying additional coins. While some large cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum can be considered safe investments, smaller coins like Digibyte (DGB) often receive a lot of doubt. This is why the DGB price prediction is necessary so that the investors can know what to expect.

DGB Price Prediction

DGB has had its ups and downs throughout this year, and at some point, it even went up by 70%. However, the constant bear market affected it just as much as numerous other cryptos. This has brought its value down to its current $0.025378 per coin. Some optimistic predictions from earlier dates saw the coin reaching as high a price as $9.20 by the year’s end. However, as we approach the date, it seems less and less likely that this DGB price prediction will come true.

The coin is generally seen as a profitable investment. As it is always the case with cryptocurrencies, they should be bought when their prices are down, so that a profit could be made when they spike up once more. Digibyte is no different, but it should be noted that investing in this coin means having patience. DGB is not among the coins that will make you rich overnight, and instead, it should be seen as a long-term investment.

Even though 2018 has been as slow a year for cryptos as it can get, experts believe that not much will change in 2019, at least for the good part of it. Of course, a lot can happen in a few months, and this may not remain true. After all, 2018 has had a lot of bad news for the crypto world, and the hope that things will change remains.

DGB Price Beyond 2018

Some more realistic DGB price predictions see the coin hitting a $1 mark this time next year. Not only that, but the experts predict that the coin will continue to gradually rise in value, without experiencing large drops. Others believe that we can expect a price of $1.44 by June 2019, which is also pretty optimistic, yet possible, if the market allows it. This would also raise DGB’s market cap to over $16 billion, and the coin would end up among the top 10.

Considering that its current rank is 33 as per CoinMarketCap, this would be quite an achievement. Still, stranger things have happened to cryptos, so we’ll leave this prediction in the “maybe” department. After all, the coin does perform better than most other altcoins, and some would even say that expecting such a price surge is quite reasonable.

As for the predictions beyond 2019, we return to some optimistic ones. However, this is so far away into the future in crypto-years, that it may actually be possible. One such prediction sees DGB hitting $20 by 2020. This would mean that the coin’s market cap would hit $220 billion, which seems almost impossible from this point in time.

However, as we said, a lot can happen in a few months, so imagine what two entire years can accomplish? For example, two years ago, you would struggle to find anyone who has even heard of cryptocurrencies, much less invested in them. Today, on the other hand, they are a well-known phenomenon that continues to conquer the financial industry.

In the end, most predictions end up being simply a wishful thinking. The fact is that nobody can predict the future, and even if they could, the high levels of volatility would have probably changed it by the time it arrived. The only thing that we can say for sure is that the coin has potential, which makes it a worthy investment. At least, in the long run. As for how high a price it will achieve, that remains to be seen.

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