Watching the streaming of the Holland IOTA Meetup #4, I came across several PoCs that undoubtedly deserve attention and one of them is the one that deals with Digital Identity.

Digital Identities can be combined in data sets or attributes that are mixed in different contexts and with different degrees of reliability. Your Facebook identity is not the same as your identity in a bank, on your driver’s license, diplomas, and so on. To validate the identity of people or even objects, must gather certain characteristics that certify that I am who I say I am and be able to authenticate identity in front of a service without the need, for example to submit papers that prove it.

It is one of the most fascinating topics to develop using DLTs and certainly a great challenge for whoever tries it. Today we will meet Jelle Millenaar who will tell us about the PoC (Proof of Concept) of DiD Digital Identity.

I invite you to read this note until the end!

Gabriela Jara
Content Coordinator & Writer
IOTA Hispano

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I am an Innovation Consultant at VX Company Software Development in the Netherlands. I live in Utrecht with my fiancée Yanniek and my cat Mango. I studied Game Programming for 3 years, which I dropped for Biology. Slowly my interest in IT came back and I started to specialize on Computational Neuroscience. After my Bachelor in Biology, I started my master in Artificial Intelligence but ended up working fulltime at VX Company instead.

How did you end up being interested on DLTs?

As many did, I started as a Bitcoin enthusiast who only saw a quick way to earn some money. Since I love researching complex systems and wanted to make more educated bets, I started learning about the technical details of the major Blockchains. A few months later I learned enough about Blockchain that I got interested in coding with Blockchain Technology.

A university friend of mine, who continuously had to sit through my Blockchain explanations, found a job application as “Young Professional Blockchain” at VX Company and shared it with me. Instead of applying in the normal way, like writing a long motivation email, I just emailed my CV and casually explained my passion for Blockchain and would really love working on it. Apparently they liked my enthusiasm and challenged me to write an Ethereum smart contract to prove I could also code with it. A few weeks later, on my birthday, I learned that after two interviews I was hired and I have been working with DLT professionally ever since. Turned my hobby into my job!

When did you first hear of IOTA and what were your first thoughts?

I was still in the investor mindset when IOTA suddenly cracked in the top 10. Obviously this must be a scam. But when I started to work with DLT, I challenged myself to understand the pros and cons of the top 15 Cryptocurrencies. IOTA took a lot of effort to understand, but the fact that it (potentially) solves the scaling problem and allows feeless transactions makes it a lot more applicable for business solutions. It is my opinion that a DLT application will only be adopted by the masses if it easy to use and IOTA can deliver that experience. I still do think that IOTA is a risky choice as a developer because it still needs to prove that its end goal is even possible, but the potential is so great that you barely find any cases were it is not the best solution.

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