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Kevin Prince Boateng is set to tie the knot with Valentina Fradegrada in the Metaverse. 

The former AC Milan and Barcelona player currently in the Bundesliga will marry the model and businesswoman on Saturday, June 11, all organised down to the smallest detail by number one Italian wedding designer Enzo Miccio. 

In addition to the usual ceremony, there will also be a celebration in the Metaverse of OVER in a location designed and built especially for the event. Furthermore, the entrance ticket will be a dedicated NFT, available for a few hours on the OpenSea platform.

About OVER Metaverse

OVER is a world scale, open-source AR ecosystem established on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, the platform allows users to enjoy live interactions and experiences customised in the real world with just a mobile device or smart glasses. 

OVER creates a new virtual standard by placing itself as the first content browser where geographical locations do not restrict users. Furthermore, as an open-source platform, OVER allows the community to contribute to the ecosystem’s growth, thereby making it independent of its creators. The Ethereum blockchain also enhances token exchange decentralisation between participants. 

One of the critical digital assets in the ecosystem is OVRLands which are in the form of NFTs. In addition, users can make passive income through a decentralised trading system through the marketplace called OVROwner. 

Additionally, OVER’s AR experiences can range from static 3D content and interactive, highly complex and hyper-real scenes that make virtual content merge with the natural world by engaging the user in physical interaction with the surrounding world. 

OVER remains one of the top augmented reality platforms on the blockchain because the community handles the rules, content, and tokenomics.

OVER Key Features

The OVER metaverse includes the following features:

OVER Ecosystem

The OVER Owner uses the OVR token to buy the digital lands (OVRLand) and anchor an AR experience in the ecosystem. Furthermore, OVR Creators produce 3D digital experiences (OVRExperience). 

OVR Miners also activate an OVR Node. Lastly, OVR Advertisers use the OVR token to publish sponsored AR elements on digital lands (OVRLand), and OVR Staker uses the token for staking and voting for IPFS OVRNodes.


The OVER ecosystem is outlined by a grid of hexagons covering the whole earth’s surface. The hexagons are called OVRLands and have specific geographic positions and a standard dimension of 300 Square Meters. The lands are the fundamental digital asset that will allow the community to improve the economy.


The OVER marketplace is decentralised and managed by smart contracts. The primary function is to facilitate the intersection between supply and demand for every digital asset traded on the OVER platform.

OVR tokens are used to finalise transactions, and the smart contract ensures decentralised asset exchange.


OVER is the next big thing for the blockchain industry and digital world. This ecosystem’s long-term plan is to establish itself as the virtual home for real-life experiences. As a result, users can engage in exciting activities decentralised. 

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