From 21 to 23 November 2018 FortFC holds #ToTheMoon Sale again and the minimum investment amount will be decreased from 500 EUR to 50 EUR at 50% discount. More detailed information regarding the promotion can be found on the official sale page:

This is the second similar promotion – at the beginning of November FortFC has already launched #ToTheMoon Sale giving its clients the opportunity to participate in the ICO with the most affordable minimum investment amount.

#ToTheMoon Sale is a limited offer in terms of which an investor has the opportunity not only to purchase project tokens with a 50% discount but with a minimum purchase amount of only 50 EUR. After the end of this promotion the same minimum investment amount of 50 EUR will be available for the participants only with the start of ICO that starts on 16 February 2019, the bonus during the upcoming ICO rounds will be lower – ranging from 40 to 10% depending on the particular ICO round of tokens purchasing.

The FortFC team is developing a cryptoliquidity aggregator, the product that allows users to have an access to the best offers on the market for buying and selling cryptocurrency. ICO is held in order to place deposit to the corporate accounts of exchanges and apply for the licenses required for financial activities performance. From 12 November 2018 to 15 February 2019, the project holds Pre-ICO.


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