Most people that enjoy online gambling are unaware that they can start an online casino and franchise casino games from the top iGaming developers in the business.

One of the key markets taking advantage of this already streamlined business venture is BTC casino investors. Today there are several early adopters of Bitcoin that have made it to the big-time earning tens or hundreds of thousands and even millions of Euros from their 2010 to 2017 BTC investments, and there is no shortage of BTC gurus that reinvested their newfound wealth into cryptocurrency casinos.

Today the world of SaaS and tech pretty much gives anyone with the right backing the ability to start an eComm store, the marketplace, or gaming websites. Now you can add online casinos to this list as those that enjoy the glitz and glamour of the casino scene can get involved! Furthermore, with ever-advancing technology bringing pay per head services to bookies (take a look at exactly what is pay per head here), managing your online sportsbook, casino, and racebook operations is easier than ever before!

The Cryptocurrency Casino Franchise Craze

For most people stumping up the cash for game developers, a casino platform, and a license is an expensive proposition. Yet, there are plenty of wealthy cryptocurrency investors out there.

Many of these crypto tycoons are looking for new ways to invest their wealth and there is no shortage of those taking advantage of white-labelling casino platforms. The operation is effectively a franchise of real money casino games designed by blue-chip online casino software platform and game developers.

Today the big-name game developers in the business designing BTC casino games, as well as games that use other cryptos, include Evolution, Play’n Go, Habanero, and BetSoft Gaming all of which have over 1,000 casino games available between them.

Any wealthy individual or business group that has the right amount of cryptocurrency can invest in a casino platform. The process is effectively a way to allow businesses to franchise casino games from game developers in a profit share deal.

A Smooth System Helps New Operators White Label a BTC Casino

Check out any one of these top bitcoin casinos on

Each online casino on uses a white-label platform that takes care of licensing and game procurement. Moreover, the platform provides the means for members to sign up, deposit cryptocurrency and play video slots, virtual table games, and live table games using BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DOGE, XRP, USDT, DASH, and many other cryptos.

Starting one of these online casinos and creating a new brand comes with a few complex requirements and a costly setup fee. However, thanks to the platform providers acting as a middleman between the casino operator and the game developers, the complex procedures involved are now made simple.

There are three key components:

1. The Casino Operator: This is the company that wants to start an online casino brand. Casino operators set up a company and then apply for a remote gambling license so the firm can legally operate in jurisdictions the license covers. Usually, these casino operators will use a white label casino platform to save the time of having to design a proprietary online casino platform.

The Platform Provider/Aggregator: This is a pre-existing white-label online casino with no branding and multiple options for configuration. Many casino platform providers can also offer license procurement services as their platform is already set up to tick all the boxes required by certain licensing authorities. The platform also has connections with the game developers, so it comes ready with games from Evolution, Play’n Go, Habanero, and BetSoft etc..

The Casino Game Developers: Game developers create games and then distribute them to the above casino platform providers. This is why you will notice online casino provide games from multiple brands. From here, the casino operators can white label the casino platform while also getting a license from a licensing authority. Check out the Evolution game developer which is one of the top live casino game providers online today.

Virtually Risk-Free Operations For New Casino Operators

Online casinos are known as money-making machines. Profits are almost certain to come as new members sign up and play – after all casino exist because the percentage of players that win is far less than the percentage of those that don’t.

What’s more, is that most operators are not liable for big losses so there is a risk-free element. The profit share is where the franchised deal comes in. The players that lose provide the casino with a profit. That profit is shared amongst the game developer, casino platform provider, and then the casino operator.

That means if there is a big win, the game developer will usually cover the payout and overtime recoup its investment from other games at the casino. There is a small element of risk as multiple large wins at the casino can leave the casino operator in negative arrears with the developer which will eventually need paying as the profit share deal is also a loss-share!

Yet, this is unlikely to happen, and the casino operator will usually have the funds to cover multiple large losses and profit later on down the line. Also, for large progressive jackpot wins, the game developer is always responsible for managing the jackpot contributions, which is a percentage of each bet, while it will also settle the jackpot win amount with the player via the casino.

If you happen to have tens of thousands stashed away in cryptocurrency, and you are looking for a new business venture, then maybe opening a BTC casino is an option for you!

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