While most ICO’s sell tokens and forget about their participants afterward, HUMENA has introduced a program to buy back tokens in order to “feed” their ecosystem. Millions of utility token users constitute a very large addressable, repeatable and predictable market which allows for the continuous buyback of tokens Post-ICO.

Herndon, VA – May 18th 2018, HUMENA, a cyber-secure Blockchain-based system for synchronous meditation, prayer, and entertainment to amplify human performance and promote mental & physical wellness will launch their ICO Pre-Sale this week. The highly anticipated ICO is expected to open for Pre-Sale on May 31st 2018. HUMENA is offering utility tokens (called Astral Tokens) for customers to purchase and use them for unity, meditation and prayer services delivered through smartphone apps.

HUMENA has also announced that special cryptocurrency opportunities will be available to their ICO participants which include:

  1. The demand for HUMENA Astral Tokens is predictable because of the existing and defined market– The HUMENA business model is B2B (business to business) and already includes many partners (meditation providers and religious organizations).  HUMENA is an enabling service provider for a wide variety of organizations and religious groups who have millions of followers who can benefit from the service.  Millions of Astral Token users constitute a very large addressable, predictable, and repeatable market.
  2. Astral Tokens are designed as a pure Utility Token – Utility Tokens can immediately be used within the HUMENA ecosystem to purchase services, goods and to support donations into non-profit participant organizations.  Because meditation and prayer are important to millions of people all over the world, the market served by the Tokens numbers in the millions.  The market is composed of a variety of spiritual and religious organizations planning to use HUMENA’s unique synchronous technology to provide their own customized content.
  3. No cryptocurrency knowledge is required for Astral Token users – HUMENA is making Astral Tokens accessible for millions of users through smartphone apps. These apps have intuitive interface for meditation and prayer.  Unlike many other cryptocurrency tokens, people in all societies, from all walks of life will be able to use Astral Tokens without any special tech expertise.
  4. Strong Worldwide expansion capabilities – By creating a high-volume user base, HUMENA will speed the adoption of Astral Tokens as a crypto currency all over the world.  This is a very large-scale value proposition that is simply not present in the next wallet app or small-scale security token.
  5. Immediately after completion of the ICO– HUMENA intends to continuously “Buy Back” Astral Tokens – HUMENA will offer to buy Astral Tokens back from ICO purchasers at good market prices to feed into the HUMENA ecosystem for customers to use for synchronous meditation, prayer and other types of services.
  6. The post ICO – HUMENA Crypto Exchange (HumEx) – a special value proposition for Astral Token holders – HUMENA Crypto Exchange (HumEx) is being developed with funds from the ICO as a transactional marketplace after the ICO.

During an interview, the company spokesperson for HUMENA was quoted as saying, “The acceptance of Astral Tokens and ease of use in the HUMENA business will be supported by HumEx. It will use Astral Tokens as a central point of exchange (Buy/Sell) and will work with SEVEN main cryptocurrencies and also fiat money. Anyone who owns Astral Tokens will be automatically a member of the HUMENA Club and able to use Astral Tokens immediately for services, and later for goods purchases and then as a currency to be exchanged for other crypto and fiat currencies.  This is a solid value proposition completely different from other ICO offerings.”

The Pre-ICO starts May 31st. To learn more about the HUMENA ICO or to get involved, visit their official website at


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