The mining market is in hands of several large companies. The actual ASIC mining-stations have become obsolete and wouldn’t give desired profit. As for the most up-to-date stations, their price is too high for mere mortals.

Advanced Miners is here to change the situation and provide you the most up-to-date ASIC mining-stations and electricity at 3-4 cents per kilowatt. In 2016 we’ve created the first mining farm in North China, and now we launch new online-platform which would allow online-mining to any person. Nowadays mining is no longer such a super-profitable investment, especially if you buy Bitmain ASICs. We announce a revolution in mining by issuing new 12nm nanochip based on ASIC generating 28 Th – twice as much as S9 produces – at practically the same price and power consumption.

In 2017 we’ve started the development of the online-platform which would allow online-mining to any person. We’ve created Dash and Monero mining farms and started to use the 28nm chip based on Advanced ASIC. And, finally, we’ve got the most up-to-date mining-stations produced in China.

Our company – Advanced Miners – is in the mining industry for many years. And now we are ready to announce our ICO. After the ICO’s launch we are planning to get into the TOP5 world’s largest mining pools. Advanced Miners in association with GmO (Japan) have created the 12nm Fin FET Compact FFC chip, and now we are developing a 7nm analog. We are ready to present the products in 2018. 12nm chip has already passed all tests and is about to become a revolutionary solution for the mining industry.

But we are not going to sell it though. Only Advanced Miners investors will have the possibility to use its capacities. Afterwards we’ll open the access to our cloud platform for a wide public where any person would have the possibility to buy/sell Hash. As the platform will support only our tokens, ACM, their exchange rate will surely grow enabling early investors for earning even more.

Our mission is to make bitcoin more decentralised with more new pools and various mining hardware. Unlike many similar projects, we already have a well-functioning profitable business, ready-to-go online platform, head office in Hong Kong and an RD-unit in Shenzhen.

Become a part of mining revolution with AdvancedMiners’ ICO!


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