NASDAQ wants to take over Swedish crypto service Cinnober

Expansions and purchases have long been commonplace in the crypt world. The US NASDAQ Stock Exchange has also been on the buying path for a while as the original classic trading venue. Now it should be the company Cinnober from Sweden, which one would like to acquire according to specialized portals.

Good basis for more extensive crypto activities of the stock exchange

The Nasdaq is No. 2 in the global stock market landscape. For some time now, the stock market has increasingly been opening up to the field of crypto currencies. With the takeover of the cryptographic service provider Cinnober, headquartered in Sweden, the US stock exchange is now even more involved in this area. Cinnober is a service provider whose solutions are geared in particular to institutional investors, who are also increasingly deciding to buy cryptocurrencies because of the technical possibilities, for example by buying Bitcoin. For this purpose, Cinnober sets in turn, among others, the provider BitGo.

Experts see good potential for the new “corporate family”

According to media reports, Nasdaq experts had been seeking talks with various crypto specialists before the new takeover plans, particularly with regard to the ETF rejections by US SEC over the past weeks and months. The talks should bring solutions to the SEC’s aspirations for cryptocurrencies. Insiders rate the BitGo platform of the Swedish company Cinnobers as well suited for the purposes of Nasdaq. Among others, the great enthusiasm for innovation at Cinnober speaks for the entry.

Cinnober should enable the stock market faster growth

The vendor was and is very successful when it comes to the introduction of new types of assets in the crypto context. Through this commitment, the US stock exchange wants to grow even faster than before in this environment and provide its customers with better technical infrastructures on the market. The stronger entry of Nasdaq and its reputation as a trading center could become an important starting point for institutions to gain more confidence in the legitimacy and security of the young market.

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