DAO.Casino, an Ethereum-based gambling app, recently announced that it plans to build its own gambling-only blockchain. Now, it will get help from a development group called MixBytes, which will offer critical consulting and contribute to the new blockchain. The end result will be DAO.Casino’s “gambling 3.0” platform.

It’s debatable whether an entirely new blockchain dedicated to gambling is actually necessary. Although DAO.Casino says that Ethereum’s performance is an issue, most dissatisfied apps simply migrate to competing platforms. Right now, EOS is a particularly popular alternative when it comes to blockchain-based gambling.

Finality Is Key

DAO.Casino, however, says that migrating to EOS isn’t an option. Although it praises EOS’s high transaction speeds, it takes issue with EOS’s poor transaction finality, which means that transactions can be changed or reversed. As such, finality is what the MixByte team will primarily work on. DAO.Casino says:

“MixBytes is working on eliminating the lack of finality issue to provide a more secure and faster solution for decentralized gambling. DAO.Casino has chosen MixBytes for this mission as a trustworthy group of experts, specializing on those narrow themes that require attention.”

MixBytes is a fairly prominent group. Prior to this, it has worked with Trust Wallet, the official wallet of Binance. It has also worked with Storiqa, a crypto-based shopping platform, and the POA Network, a smart contract platform for Ethereum. Now, it will lend its efforts to DAO.Casino’s new gambling platform.

The Bigger Picture

Technical details aside, the most notable feature that DAO.Casino will introduce is its original business model. It plans to support affiliates, who will get paid to attract users to the gambling app. Meanwhile, operators will be able to start their own casinos, and bankrollers will be able to finance casinos and games.

Although DAO.Casino is a fairly minor app, this will be something worth watching. Several iterations of the project’s testnet will be launched over the next few months, followed by a mainnet release in the third quarter of 2019. The mainnet will also coincide with a major partnership announcement.

It’s not yet clear whether DAO.Casino’s ambition will pay off. While DAO.Casino is preparing to make a big splash, other more active dApps will be continuously accumulating users. Still, since gambling apps dominate the dApp market, DAO.Casino may need to set itself apart—and it is certainly attempting to do so.

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