We are proud to announce the launch of our new Blockchain Press Releases portal.

We offer the first Blockchain Press Release Service and publish your Press Releases like carved in Stone into the Blockchain.

Simple and easy self service, sign up and publish!

Why? Combat Fake News! Check sources, track authenticity of all Press Releases online. The Blockchain guarantees authenticity of content and quality of source and protects intellectual property by a unique and tamper-proof digital footprint. Blockchain Press Releases are for each Company, Editor, Author, Journalist or Blogger to Certificate content.

After Editorial approval your Press Releases will published on our website and published to stay forever in the Blockchain.  example ERC-20example BTC SV , BMG token ( soon ) your Blockchain link will be added to the end of your Press Release example here.

If you like that Join us! and send your first Blockchain Press Release!

check it out here:

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