The UniDex Bot is an amazing amalgamation of two things: a cryptocurrency with the ticker UNDB, and the other is a downloadable software that allows users to trade with pre-set conditions, regarding the buying and selling transactions via Uniswap. This implies that if any user wants to stop trading after a specific threshold limit, the Unidexbot software will do so. And the same goes for users who want to start trading after a specific rate is reached.

The application is freely available to all platform users and can be integrated with the user-specified cryptocurrencies. So, it is not mandatory that a user only has to trade with Unidexbot, they have the freedom to add any other wallet address or coin that they use or trade with.

All the trading sequences set by the user are executed by Smart Contracts. The UNDB also has a limited supply and it boasts dual functions. Just like every other coin, it lets the users trade on the native platform or via the exchanges. Plus, the UNDB also lends the voting power to the users, which means that Unidexbot is a community-oriented platform where the decisions are taken by the users collectively.

Getting Started with the Software

The UniDex Bot software is available to download on your system and also can be added to the Chrome browser. The downloading process is easy and once the platform is set up, the users can choose the desired token.

Just like any other exchange platform, the users can select the selling and purchasing of the coin. There is a multitude of options already provided to the users for selecting the right coin. If not, it is also possible to add another un-listed currency on the platform by adding the wallet address. Because the software is specific to every user, after downloading the newly added wallet address, it will be visible only to the user and not others.

One of the most vital features of UniDex Bot is its ability to limit the orders, which also means setting the conditions for the trade. Any user can set the conditions to exchange between their desired pair after selecting them from the list.

After selection, the users can set a precise market rate at which the exchange between the two currencies can happen. For instance, if the user wishes to buy UNDB with ETH, but at a different price than now. Then the user can set their desired selling rate and the market price reaches that price, the exchange will happen.

Meaning, that after setting a limit of the price at which the exchange shall happen, a smart contract will be drafted. Upon the completion of the set condition, the smart contract will be executed.

Lastly, there are two more tabs in the software that provides information about the listed orders. The users can either modify or delete the conditions at any point after observing the real-time rates of the coins under consideration. Added to this, the history tab shows the transaction record.

Runs on Ethereum and Tokenomics

The UNDB runs on the Ethereum blockchain while assisting the users in conducting custom transactions executed by smart contracts. Added to this, there is a limited supply of the UNDB tokens with no burn sequences.

There are a total of 1000 tokens minted during the introduction and out of them, only 500 are in circulation. In the pre-sale, 1 token was sold for 0.4ETH. From balance 500, 350 are locked in a smart contract for one month and 150 tokens are kept for the team locked in a separate smart contract.

Apart from the trading and exchanging, users on can also participate in competitions, 4Chans, and Lotteries to get the coin in reward.

The Benefits of Leveraging the Customization Power of UniDex Bot

The ability to limit orders certainly lets the user not worry about constant checking the price and the performance of the exchange pair. The automated setup executes the order instantly when the set limit is reached.

Furthermore, the UniDex Bot application can directly work in association with WETH. This helps users enjoy a lower gas value ultimately leading to less gas per trade. Lastly, the platform and application are free to use as the user desires. Even though there is no cost involved for downloading the application, the user does need to have at least 1 project token in their account to use it for trading.

In a Nutshell

UniDex Bot is a great concept that allows every stratum of the crypto enthusiasts to participate in the trading. With the pre-set conditions, the user only has to understand the right price to trade and set the order. Undoubtedly, it helps protect their assets for the perfect time and prevent taking any harsh decisions.

Not only users are able to leverage a better and more proactive approach towards Uniswap trades, but they are also able to gain from the market positioning of UNDB.

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