The Paracosm platform uses IOTA as a deep moving power for its internal processes. The technology of distributed registry is the only real solution at the moment that can fully power-up the whole potential of our platform.

We’ve already published a post with explanations on why Paracosm.Company chose to use IOTA. Now we are ready to reveal a bit more detailed information – in particular about the opportunity for the IOTA community to earn money by providing data transfer infrastructure.

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Paracosm & IOTA – functional union

The platform of Paracosm will be integrated with open IOTA protocol to ensure the possibility of almost endless increasing of internal data transfers and therefore the scale of the platform itself.

Paracosm users will have all their data written in the distributed registry of IOTA (Tangle). This includes all paracosms and assets, all their history, and all the history of various in-game adventures.

Furthermore, IOTA nodes will be used by game paracosms as an alternative to traditional servers. The more active people will be on the Paracosm platform and the more gamers will be delving into multiple dimensions of the Paracosm multiverse, the bigger load on IOTA nodes will become.

The very process of Paracosm platform scaling and post-release developing will need a continuously increasing number of connected nodes. To make this possible, we implement the scheme of a financial motivation for the IOTA community. This scheme allows earning by participating in the background support of the Paracosm platform. Such involvement of the IOTA community is also an efficient step towards decentralization.

The scheme

We can describe this scheme of cooperation with the Paracosm platform in the following, rather simplified way: Notice, this is a “win/win” scheme with no lost side.

Ict operator installs to a node (server) software for interaction with the distributed registry of IOTA.

  • Iota controlled agent (Ict) – provides interaction with the Tangle interface and IOTA extension interface (IXI) – to expand the functionality of IOTA.
  • Paracosm.ixi – provides interaction of Paracosm platform with Tangle.

Paracosm operator makes possible the functionality of a paracosm:

  • Provides physical or virtual space for the game;
  • Takes payments for the game;
  • Makes payments in IOTA to Ict operators for the provided nodes.

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