Marcos Andrade lives in Altea, he is a Graphic Designer, born in Caracas, Venezuela. His passion is traditional illustration and animation. He is very creative and needs to illustrate everything that surrounds him. He leaves drawings everywhere!

After studying illustration at a young age at the Academy of Advanced Arts, he decided to expand his knowledge and pursue a career in Visual Communication in Prodiseño and then moved on to doing a specialization in Multimedia at the Digital Design Center (Venezuela). He graduated and became part of a well-known motion graphic company in Latin America: Totuma. It was an enriching and fruitful stage for Marcos in all aspects, the best of which was working with long-time friends from college.

The turns of life brought him to Spain and now, from a Mediterranean town full of charm, he bet again on his art. Since he moving, he has been working as an illustrator in his small studio in Altea, under the pseudonym of “Mork Work”

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Marcos Andrade is joining IOTA as an Illustrator for our growing Communications team. In this role, Marcos will focus on developing graphics and digital illustrations for our Multimedia content.

On joining IOTA

“I see IOTA as the future.” Thanks to their technology, they have in their hands a great potential to take the things we know today to the next level. As a professional, it is an honor to be part of this team where I feel that I learn something new every day.

We are very happy officially announcing Marcos Andrade joining the project, his experience as a graphic artist is of great value to the IOTA foundation. Give him a warm welcome!