The Coinmine One, a hardware device aimed at crypto enthusiasts who’d like to earn rewards for mining without the need to learn new technical skills.

The Coinmine One will retail for $799 and start shipping in mid-December.

Coinmine One will sport a miner that can generate any one of the following out of the box: ether (ETH) at 29 Mh/sec, monero (XMR) at 900 h/sec, zcash (ZEC) at 320 h/sec and ether classic. With updates next year, it also expects to be able to run a stake for a Bitcoin Lightning node, Dfinity or Filecoin.

Get crypto for powering the networks you love.

Participate in Proof-of-Work currency mining, and control the whole process from your phone. Switch which currency you’re mining whenever you like or add additional Coinmine Ones to your account.
Ethereum Classic
More coming soon…

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