Get yourself ready, 0.5 of Ict is here!

Complete rework of the web GUI. Huge thanks for all the hard work by Andrew Brough (design) and Rihards Gravis (implementation). Check it out, it’s freaking awesome! <3

  • Massive memory reduction. With 0.4 many people had problems with tangle_capacity=10000. Running 0.5, my raspberry pi 3b+ can handle 100,000 transactions!

  • Reliability and stability improvements. A few people have already complained about how boring it is to watch their 0.5-SNAPSHOT nodes run for days without crashing.

  • Make IXI modules configurable from the web GUI. Really, who wants to manually modify files nowadays?

  • The rest API and web GUI now include the Ict log and historical neighbor stats.

  • Debug stats for the techies: memory consumption, tangle size, gossip event queue. Just set your log level to DEBUG by starting Ict with –debug.

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