The IOTA Foundation is proud to announce that Professor Robert Shorten is the recipient of a substantial research grant that will fund academic researchers’ work on the IOTA Tangle for a three-year program of research. The grant includes three years of funding for a full-time Ph.D. student (€92,000), 18 months for a Postdoctoral researcher (€81,000), as well as covering travel costs, open-access publication costs, and the costs for realizing several demonstrations and prototypes.

Professor Robert Shorten was recently announced as a member of the IOTA Research Advisory Council. We are delighted to have his expertise and input on various issues, including fundamental properties of the IOTA DAG data structure, attack vulnerabilities of the IOTA DAG data structure, ensuring fast validation times, and the preservation of user privacy.

The research program covered by this grant focuses on IOTA’s potential to help solve compliance problems in Smart Cities, and more generally, in designing certain types of cyber-physical systems. The research covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the IOTA Tangle that are important in designing such systems.

Congratulations to Professor Shorten and his team! We greatly look forward to the results from this important research.

Research department note: The IOTA Research Department is currently accepting research grant applications through the Ecosystem Development Fund. We are always happy to collaborate with experts from academia, so please feel free to reach out to our team to inquire about collaborative opportunities.

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