Bitcoin Press Release: Decentralized Ethereum token exchange platform, Orderbook debuts Propy Inc. ICO, raises over $12.7 million and counting.

August 31, 2017, Singapore – ‘Orderbook’, a decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange, made history on August 15th, 2017 by launching its inaugural ICO. Propy Inc, — an innovative real estate technology company. The ICO has already attracted investments worth over $12.7 million with another 22 days to go. The crowdsale has attracted a diverse range of participants with varying interest in Propy’s technology implementation and business model.

Historically, digital currency exchanges have not had the means to conduct ICO’s themselves. Orderbook brings the market to the next level of maturity by introducing an ICO platform that can be used by businesses in every industry, regardless of technical insight. The platform gives users access to the latest blockchain tech, without requiring an understanding of how the technology works under the hood.

Orderbook provides an ICO Widget which allows interested patrons to easily participate in the Propy ICO. The Orderbook Widget is a revolutionary piece of Ethereum-based software which gives ICO participants the ability to seamlessly and easily contribute through its secure, decentralized platform, without ever leaving an ICO’s website. Orderbook widget’s frictionless design allows companies interested in launching their own ICO to instantly transform their landing page into a transaction gateway, saving them from the time consuming and expensive hassle of developing a custom platform from scratch. The Orderbook widget seeks to improve transaction functionality, while making the entire ICO process more secure and streamlined for blockchain companies and their supporters.

Orderbook is unique in that it is a completely decentralized token exchange platform which handles all transactions transparently via the Ethereum Network. The security inherent in Ethereum’s existing infrastructure ensures that transactions are being handled in the safest manner possible.

All critical operations within Orderbook are executed via Ethereum smart contracts, establishing state-of-the-art security for participants. The platform provides full transparency and immutability by recording all transactions on the blockchain. Orderbook is entirely trustless and stores all assets “on-chain”. Exchange operators do not have access to users’ keys, and thus cannot withdraw customer funds directly. The smart contract implementation also contains a unique recovery function which makes it the most secure, innovative Ethereum wallet with a conventional user interface in existence. Orderbook is excited to have created this efficient, transparent, and versatile environment for the blockchain industry.

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